How Long Does It Take To Get A $ 500 Loan?

500 dollar loans

It will take you only 5-10 minutes to fill out a simple and convenient online application. If you qualify, your application will be approved almost instantly and you can receive a $ 500 Payday Loan within one business day.

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$ 500 Payday Loans

If you need $ 500 as quickly as possible, the chances that you are in a difficult life situation are quite high. It can be anything from emergency medical treatment to urgent purchases, but most Americans do not have the money to cover extra expenses. This is why millions of people apply for loans every year. However, is it possible to get financing with a bad credit history?

A Payday Loan is the best option you can find for an emergency as it does not have any eligibility criteria and is approved almost instantly. Read on for more details.

All You Need To Know About $ 500 Payday Loan

The $ 500 Payday Loan is a simple short-term type of financing that allows borrowers with different types of credit to apply and receive money for their needs. This way, even if you missed payments before, now you can get funding.

It is important to note that the loan is unsecured therefore no collateral is required. Also pay attention to the fact that the $ 500 Loan is a short-term type of financing, so you must pay off the debt with interest on the day of your next paycheck (often 14 to 21 days).

Why Should I Choose a $ 500 Payday Loan?

Payday Loans are one of the most popular types of financing for many reasons, the main one being the speed of application approval. If you have studied the laws of the state and meet the basic eligibility criteria, your application will be approved almost instantly. This way you can get funding and deal with needs as quickly as possible.

Another important advantage is that applications are approved even for bad credit. This way you can still get a loan despite past mistakes.

How Do You Qualify For A $ 500 Dollar Loan?

Although the $ 500 Payday Loan is very easy to obtain, you still need to meet the basic requirements of the selected lender in order for your application to be approved. Explore the main ones:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Be a US citizen or official resident
  • Have a regular monthly source of income of at least $ 1000 after taxes
  • Have an active bank account for the deposit
  • Provide government issued ID
  • Provide social security number
  • Provide phone and email

Important! Pay attention to state laws before applying as Payday Loans are not legal in all states. Moreover, the maximum loan amount may also be regulated by state law. For example, in California, the Payday Loan limit is $ 250.

How Does A $ 500 Loan Work?

To get a $ 500 Loan, you must first fill out a simple and convenient online application, providing your personal details. The application is as simple as possible, so filling out will not take more than 10 minutes.

The lender will then examine your details and approve your application if you meet the basic eligibility criteria. He will contact you to discuss the terms of lending and you could ask all your questions.

After you sign the contact, you will be able to receive the deposit directly into your bank account.

What Are My Chances Of Getting A $ 500 Payday Loan?

Despite the fact that payday lenders, like other lenders, do not have guaranteed approval, your chances of getting financing are still quite high. More than 80% of applications for $ 500 Payday Loans are approved.

However, in order to increase your chances, you should pay attention to state laws and the requirements of the selected lender.

How Much Does A $ 500 Loan Cost?

The cost of the $ 500 Payday Loan will depend on what fees you receive. They can range from $ 15 to $ 30 for every $ 100 borrowed. Thus, this loan is a rather expensive type of financing, so it is worth thinking several times before applying.